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The humble arancino is said to date to 10th-century Sicily when Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick II, needed a full and nutritious meal to feast upon during long hunting trips and diplomatic missions. Breading rice allowed it to be preserved for long periods and the rich mozzarella and ragu di carne filling—meat and tomato-based Bolognese sauce—provided sustenance and protein. And the arancino was born!

While we still pay tribute to our namesake’s heritage with traditional flavours, we love to create unique and exotic variations and have even crafted gluten-free and sweet versions for more people to enjoy

Our products are proudly made by our Antichi Sapori in our Osborne Park kitchen using the best local and imported ingredients, combining Australia’s rich produce with our Italian roots.

We like the mantra of ‘heat up, eat up’ food—our arancini are par-cooked, so all you need to do is bake them in the oven and they’ll be ready to eat before you can say “Antichi Sapori and AranciniMania”.

And don’t be fooled by our name—we also make authentic, handmade gnocchi and meatballs!